MARCH 2019

21.03.2019 Poster Presentation for IV Year IEI Student member - Dept. of CSE & IEI Student Chapter
21.03.2019 Project Expo 2K19 - Dept. of CSE
16.03.2019 National Conference on "Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering" - Dept. of Mechanical
16.03.2019 National Conference on " Innovative Trends and Advances in Civil Engineering" - Dept. of Civil
16.03.2019 Mini Project Expo for I Year B.E Students in the area of Nanomedicine,Disaster Management,Recent Renewable Energy Resources,Corrosion Prevention Methods and Effluent Treatment - Dept. of Chemistry
15.03.2019 National Conference on "Flourishing Areas in Electrical and Electronics Engineering' - Dept. of EEE
15.03.2019 National Conference on "Emerging Trends in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ETECE'19) - Dept. of ECE
15.03.2019 National Conference on "Emerging Trends in Advanced Computing" - Dept. of CSE
15.03.2019 Special lecture on "Internships" - R&D Section and ISTE Student Chapter
15.03.2019 New Voting Machine Demonstration
11.03.2019 Alumni Interaction with Mr.M.Baranitharan, Quality Assurance Engineer in Expleo Group of Companies,Bangalore and Mr.Nagarajan,Full Stack Developer,Aagnia Technologies -Dept.of CSE
09.03.2019 - 12.03.2019 Volunteering Pulse Polio Campaign @ Pudhunagar - NSS Students
08.03.2019 Motivational Speech on "Women's Ability" - Women Cell
07.03.2019 National level Technical Expo 2K19 - Dept of ECE
05.03.2019 Workshop on "Advanced Surveying & Field Work" for Diploma Students - Dept. of Civil
01.03.2019 Workshop on "Web Designing" for II Year CSE Students - Dept. of CSE
01.03.2019 Workshop on "Maths Made Easy" - Department of Mathematics


28.02.2019 "Debugging in C" for III Year CSE Students and "Technical Connection" for II Year CSE Students - Dept. of CSE
28.02.2019 Passport Online Registration Camp - YRC
27.02.2019 - 28.02.2019 National Workshop on "Biomedical Interventions" - Dept. of ECE and R&D Section
25.02.2019 - 01.03.2019 ICT Mode STTP on "Evaluating Student Performance and Designing Question Paper" - NITTTR,Kolkata
25.02.2019 Guest Lecture on "Recent Trends in Industrial Sector" - Dept.of Mechanical
22.02.2019 - 23.02.2019 Two Days Faculty Development Programme on "ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION" - Dept. of CSE
22.02.2019 Spoken Tutorial Workshop on "LaTex" for IV Year Students - Dept. of EEE
22.02.2019 Workshop on "Advanced Industrial Robotics and Automation" - Dept. of EEE and IEEE Student Branch
21.02.2019 Workshop on "Machine Learning Tools & Techniques" - Dept. of CSE
21.02.2019 Workshop on "Embedded Systems & IoT" - MHRD's Innovation Cell and R&D Section
16.02.2019 Survey Camp to Pachamalai for III Year students - Dept. of Civil Engineering
15.02.2019 Guest Lecture on " Soil Mechanics" for II Year Students - Dept. of Civil Engineering
15.02.2019 Workshop on "Recent Trends in Electrical Engineering" - Dept. of EEE and IEEE Student Branch
13.02.2019 Industrial Visit to Dr.Babu ENT Clinic(15kWp - Solar Power Plant), Thanjavur for II and III Year Students - Dept. of EEE
13.02.2019 One Day Industrial Visit to "Tamil Nadu Cement Factory (TANCEM),Ariyalur " for II Year Students - Dept. of Civil Engineering
11.02.2019 Seminar on "Recent Trends in IT industry" - Dept. of CSE
11.02.2019 Workshop on "Network Simulator-2" - Dept. of CSE
11.02.2019 - 17.02.2019 "YOUTH FOR CLEAN INDIA" - NSS CAMP at Government Middle School,Mudhukulam
11.02.2019 Seminar on "Industry Expectations" for II Year CSE Students - Dept. of CSE
18.02.2019 - 22.02.2019 ICT Mode STTP on "Modern Manufacturing Systems"-NITTTR,Kolkata
04.02.2019 - 08.02.2019 ICT mode STTP on "Development of Laboratory Instruction and Manual" - NITTTR,Kolkata
08.02.2019 Eye Camp Programme - NSS
08.02.2019 Blood Donation Camp - NCC
08.02.2019 Workshop on "PHP Programming" - Dept. of CSE
08.02.2019 Workshop on "CCTV Camera & Surveillance System" - Dept. of ECE and IEEE Student Branch
07.02.2019 MonoActivity Programme - ISTE Student Chapter (TN 217)
06.02.2019 Staff Seminar on " Introduction to MANET" - ISTE Staff Chapter (TN 205)
05.02.2019 Alumni Interaction with Mr.M.Satish Kumar,R&D Engineer - M/s Continental Automotives, Singapore - Department of Mechanical Engineering
02.02.2019 Guest Lecture on "Parsing in Compiler Design - Dept. of CSE
02.02.2019 Expert Lecture on "Research Opportunities"- R&D Section under MARGDHARSAN Scheme of NIT,Trichy
01.02.2019 Guest Lecture on "Biomedical Image Processing" - R&D Section


31.01.2019 Seminar on "Career Guidance" - Dept. of EEE
28.01.2019 Seminar on "Women Roles in the Society" - Women Cell
28.01.2019 Medical Camp @ Budhalur Boys High School - NSS Unit
28.01.2019 Guest Lecture on "Recent Trends in Manufacturing Process" - Dept.of Mechanical
26.01.2019 70th Republic Day Celebrations
25.01.2019 Workshop on " Graphics Design and Animation' for Polytechnic Students - Dept. of CSE
18.01.2019 Staff Seminar on "Mobile Technology" - ISTE Staff Chapter (TN 205)
12.01.2019 Pongal Celebrations
12.01.2019 Workshop on "Printed Circuit Board Design" - Dept. of ECE
10.01.2019 Orientation Programme for Newly Joined Faculty members - ISTE Staff Chapter (TN 205)
09.01.2019 Paper Presentation Competition - ISTE Student Chapter (TN 217)
02.01.2019 Workshop on "Industrial Automation-2018(NSIA -18)" - R&D Section
02.01.2019 The National Skill Development Scheme "Pradhan Mandri Kaushal Vikas Yogana" - Inauguration.